Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Lesson From The Belly

I am soooo very excited about going to Trinidad for Christmas and as usual am faced with what I call my bikini body syndrome. I stand in front of the mirror and I try my swimsuits on and I pout and ponder. Can I ever get rid of the striae distensae...aka stretch marks? They're really not even that visible, but for a woman who had the smoothest, tightest abs and most flawless midsection ever to be bestowed on the female form (yeah, I said it), it just makes me sigh....long, deep, agonizing sighs. In nine months it was all over. I actually got them in the last three weeks of my pregnancy. All the shea butter in the world couldn't prevent them. My husband used to stand there and marvel at me rubbbing my belly down with this African salve every day. It's just the vanity of a woman, I guess. We all want to be flawless. Last night I tried my swimsuit on again, and this time as I twirled around in front of the mirror I smiled. Not to toot my own horn but some have never stretched and don't look half as good. I'm a fine beach specimen! Hahaha...listen to me. I took a chance and bought a new cream called TrilastinSR and it's diminishing the marks for sure. Not eliminating, but making them light enough that I can't see them in some light.

I see connections in everything in my life. My belly tells me that I've been through and come through something. And everything we've been through leaves its mark. So I have a few stretch marks. But I stretched. And I gave birth to a beautiful little girl. And even with my bikini body syndrome, in a heartbeat I would stretch again and again. I love it that I was made to do this wonderful thing.

Maybe I just need to buy a one-piece LOL

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