Monday, December 15, 2008

Good Morning Jah Jah

This Jah Cure song is what greets me as my weekday alert to rise and get to the job of getting to my job. Had I not risen with a song of praise on my lips I would forget that it is God the reason I woke up was not my alarm. In the busy-ness of life it is all too easy to lose sight of the Father's Hand on us, and our spirits are often leached of love and joy, as water leaches from sand - dripping away beneath the surface until all that is left is a light dusty powder that drifts with each shift of the wind. For me to be a rock - to be steadfast and solid, grounded and sure, I remember Jah Jah. I give praise where it's due - to Him and to those He has placed in my life to serve as guideposts.

It's Monday morning....ahhhh the often dreaded Monday morning. But part of me is hopeful. I see a new dawn coming. 2009 approaches and instead of waiting to renew this or instill that new thing in my life. I'm starting fresh now. I've been looking inside and cleaning up my spirit woman, but my flesh has neglected to clean the physical. I get home too late to lift a finger. I just crawl into bed and wait for the next day to creep up on me. But this Monday, I rise with a "Good Morning Jah Jah" on my heart, and I look to the Son to light my day, make my path clear, and tell me what is most important.

This cleaning theme has been on my heart for a while now, and today's devotional was about the Martha mentality. Wanting everything to be in tip top shape but neglecting the woman within who yearns for the Master's hand on her soul. And Jesus lovingly repremanded Martha for not stopping to take the time to sit at His feet - to stop working long enough to hear a Word for her heart from Him. But I've been the opposite. So concerned with the inner woman that I've neglected the physical world a bit. It wasn't too bad though, It took me less than an hour to tidy up. If only it was so easy with my soul...

New every morning is the Love
Our waking and uprising prove
Through sleep and darkness safely brought
Restored to life, and power and thought

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