Thursday, January 8, 2009

A response to LadyDee's "The Trifling Truffle! EVIL B**** are amongst us! "

Ahh, sweet, sweet truffles
Molten chocolate dripping from your lips
Your gilded wrappers hinting at the enjoyment to be found inside
Encircled in satiny ribbons, beckoning him for a taste
And he answers, blinded by your package's shimmer
Poor lad....

One taste, and two, and three
A few pieces won't hurt...right?
Soon he is writhing on the floor
Pain grips him as the truffle's sugar courses through his veins, releasing its poison
Poor lad...

Truffles are tiny, delicate and tempting
It's easy to eat too fast, isn't it?

You need some meat and potatoes
Meat and potatoes brought to you on a wooden platter, flanked by solid silver knife and fork
Nothing gilded; nothing disguised
This meat has been marinated in the best herbs and spices, lovingly applied and slowly cooked
Potatoes picked individually from the garden, tossed in aromatic oil, and baked to golden goodness
Eat, and be well
No more truffles
After you eat, let me be your dessert

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